PT Transjakarta Ensures Implementation of Health Protocols in Work Environment

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PT Transjakarta Jakarta (Transjakarta) ensures that work in the office and in the field complies with the health protocol to clamp down on soaring case rates in the capital city.

We send medicine and vitamins for the first five days to employees and their families who are exposed to Covid-19

PT Transjakarta President Director, Sardjono Jhony Tjitrokusumo said, various efforts to prevent and handle Covid-19 had been carried out since the beginning of the pandemic until now, including testing, tracing, treatment

"We send medicine and vitamins for the first five days to employees and their families who are exposed to Covid-19, including those who do not have the ability to access food," he expressed, Wednesday (7/28).

The company even facilitated employees with PCR facilities and the Work From Home (WFH) policy which aims to limit mobility. All efforts carried out are in accordance with applicable regulations.

"We routinely do PCR swabs, including when there are cases where the office sets lockdown. During PSBB, we set a smaller margin, 75 percent WFH and 25 percent Work From Office (WFO)," he explained.

Then when the Emergency PPKM was announced, the company set 90 percent WFH and the remaining 10 percent WFO only the essential unit category.

He reminded his employees to always obey with health protocols anytime and anywhere.

"This virus attacks us everywhere. We certainly feel the loss of our employees who died after being infected. But, once again we have tried but God also has a destiny," he stressed.

Quality Standards Division Head and PT Transjakarta Covid-19 Emergency Response Head, Roy Yulius Rumuat added, Transjakarta had formed a Covid-19 Emergency Response Team for a long time to serve all employees and their families.

The team consisted of 135 people from various elements of the company and trade unions, which were then divided into nine teams, namely the communication team, prevention team, handling and evacuation team, operational team, protocol compliance team, finance team, secretariat team, monev team, and IT team.

"Aside that, we also added 31 people from the SPTJ as a Support Team. We always work together to help both exposed and healthy employees," he explained.

"They serve the big family of Transjakarta employees 24 hours a day, including their families. Starting from the provision of oxygen and drugs, hospitals, and patient mobilization. We really do everything for the welfare of Transjakarta employees, we are serious about taking care of all of our friends," he asserted.

He continued, as a supporter, Transjakarta has 11 divisions, each division appoints two representatives as a communication network (Jarkom) that provides information to employees in the field or team when there is a positive confirmation.

"This team will communicate with them thus the tracing is recorded," he added.

Aside that, he said four Transcare units were also on standby complete with oxygen and medicine to evacuate and provide first aid. Transcare crews were also equipped with complete personal protective equipment (PPE).

He assessed, the health protocol monitoring team also always ensured that activities within the Transjakarta scope of work carried out strict procedures.

"Convincing them to work really safely and comfortably with the existing facilities, we continue to procure two-layer masks, face shields, hand sanitizers and hand washing facilities," he stated.