Here is Untung Jawa Island's Strategy to Suppress Covid-19 Cases

Rabu, 28 Juli 2021 19:40 Suparni 119

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The Untung Jawa Island Urban Village Puskesmas continues to conduct various ways to stop the spread of Covid-19 in Untung Island Urban Village, South Thousand Islands Sub-district.

There has been a significant decrease in active cases

Untung Jawa Island Urban Village Puskesmas Head, Dede Hary Irawan said, it was done together with local PPKM command post officers through a routine operation against health protocols in public and neighborhood areas.  

"We hold counseling around the village together with the health promotion team about the dangers of Covid-19 and its prevention. We also continue to intensify Covid-19 vaccination here," he expressed, Wednesday (7/28).

He explained, monitoring of survivors and patients in self-isolation was also carried out to ensure those concerned did not leave the house, including online medical therapy called teleconsul.

"We also mobilized Puskesmas pharmacists to deliver medicines to the homes of self-isolated patients in collaboration with urban village apparatuses and RT/RW caretakers," he explained.

He added, as of July 28, there were still nine exposed to Covid-19 who were still undergoing self-isolation.

"There has been a significant decrease in active cases during Emergency PPKM until the current PPKM Level 4. Hopefully, all gonna be fine soon," he stated.