Vice Governor Ariza Supports Vaccination Movement for Islamic Boarding School Students

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Jakarta Vice Governor, Ahmad Riza Patria, monitored the implementation of the mass vaccination drive at the Darunnajah Islamic Boarding School Santri, Ulujami, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (7/27).

Alhamdulillah, the vaccination here goes well and is under strict health protocols

He stated that its implementation had complied with the applicable standards and regulations; and appreciated the boarding school to hold it under strict health protocols.

He supported the vaccination for people aged 12 and over in boarding schools, public schools and Islamic schools spread over Jakarta. He then hoped that it could create herd immunity for participants.

"Alhamdulillah, the vaccination here goes well and is under strict health protocols, teaching and learning activities at the Darunnajah Islamic Boarding School are also in accordance with the mechanism of good health rules and protocols," he expressed, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release.

He added, parents of students did not have to worry about the implementation of vaccinations at Darunnajah Islamic Boarding School. "Don't hesitate to bring your kids aged 12-17 years to get vaccinated, as it is free and safe," he expressed.

As for the information, vaccination for children aged 12 can also provide protection for their bodies, to avoid contracting the virus or the possibility of serious illness due to Covid-19 by triggering the body's immune system thus immunity is formed. As of July 26, the achievement of vaccination for children aged 12-17 years, for dose 1 had been carried out as much as 45.3%, while residents aged 18-59 years, for dose 1 had been carried out to 85.5% and vaccination for dose 2 covered 24.1%

"Indeed the vaccination for children is still far from the target or still at 50 percent, but we will work hard to hit 100 percent at schools or boarding schools," he explained.

Then as of July 26, the total dose of 1 is currently 7,098,002 people (80.5%), while the total of dose 2 is now 2,238,876 people (25.4%). Meanwhile, in the elderly group, 69.1% of doses 1 had been vaccinated and 59.3% were vaccinated with 2nd doses. Meanwhile, mutual cooperation vaccination, for dose 1 has been given to 148,498 people and dose 2 as many as 88,641 people.

Thereby, he gave an appreciation as it had touched 7 million people or around 80.5 percent from the target set by the central government by 7.5 million populations aged 12 years and over. As for the Governor was set by 88 million populations in Jakarta.

"Alhamdulillah the vaccination in Jakarta has touched 7 percent. Hopefully we could hit the target by the end of August. Surely we need support from many parties. We target to touch around 100,000 per day, and now we have touched between 130,000-200,000 per day," he asserted.

He also called on residents to always be more disciplined during PPKM Level 4 in Jakarta. "All will be in vain without your support. So, let's be disciplined and obey the rules," he closed.

Besides him, there were also Ponpes Darunnajah Leader, KH. Sofwan Manaf; Darunnajah Boarding School Chairman, KH. Hadiyanto Arief; South Jakarta Acting Mayor, Isnawa Adji; Pesanggrahan Sub-district Head, Fadjar; Pesanggrahan Sub-district Puskesmas Head, Dr. Ertina Eriawati; Ulujami Urban Village Head, Muhammad Hasan; as well as caretakers and teachers of Darunnajah Boarding School.

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