134 People Vaccinated on Second Day of Mobile Vaccination Service at RPTRA Amanah

Selasa, 27 Juli 2021 22:50 Suparni 115

(Foto: Suparni - Beritajakarta.id)

Total 134 residents aged 12 years to elderly received first dose vaccines on the second day of mobile vaccination service which carried out at RPTRA Amanah, Jalan Kramat Jaya, Tugu Utara, Koja Sub-district, North Jakarta.

10 of them are students

Tugu Utara Urban Village People's Welfare Section Head, Lenni Hernawati conveyed, people seemed very enthusiastic about participating vaccination with total 155 people who registered for today's vaccination.

"After health screening, there are only 134 people who are ready to be vaccinated and 10 of them are students," she mentioned, Tuesday (7/27).

Cumulatively, there were 244 residents who have been vaccinated with first dose vaccine at Mobile Vaccine Car carried out at RPTRA Amanah.

"Second dose vaccination at RW 04 and RW 05 on July 26 have been participated by 423 residents," she said.

One of teachers who accompanied the participants from SMK Al Irsyad Islamiyah, Nurul Amaliyah stated, her side was not only give socialization to students, but also accompanied them to register from school.

"Today, we accompany 10 students to be vaccinated at RPTRA Amanah," she added.

Meanwhile, Nisa Khomariyah (16), SMK Al Irsyad Islamiyah student expressed, her side registered through school to take first dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

"It is great to be vaccinated together with my friends after long time not seeing each other due to distance learning. I don't feel any significant symptoms after being vaccinated," she explained.