Navy's Kolinlamil Help Accelerate Covid Vaccination in Thousand Islands

Jumat, 23 Juli 2021 20:49 Suparni Nugroho Adibrata 183

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The Navy's Sea Military Command (Kolinlamil), held a COVID-19 vaccination service on the KRI Teluk Youtefa -522 (TYO-522) in the waters of Pramuka Island, Panggang Island Urban Village, North Thousand Islands Sub-district.

In total, we have 1,000 doses and will be recontinued on Kelapa Island tomorrow

Thousand Islands Regent, Junaedi expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the help provided by the Navy's Kolinlamil in meeting the target of vaccination attacks for its residents.

"Thank you for the 1,000 vaccine program in Thousand Islands. This is an extraordinary endeavor, moreover residents can also take maritime tours to see the splendor of the KRI Youtefa Bay ship," he expressed, Friday (7/23).

Of the 22,000 targeted participants aged 12 years and over, more than 18,000 or around 80 percent had been vaccinated today.

"We'll speed up the rest through collaboration with various agencies thus herd immunity is quickly created, hopefully it can reach 100 percent," he stated.

Navy's Kolinlamil Commander, Rear Admiral TNI Arsyad Abdullah said, it was held in order to increase the professionalism of soldiers and support the government's program to complete the Covid-19 vaccine.

"We pick up residents using small boats. We also distribute basic necessities in the form of rice, cooking oil and qurban meat," he explained.

Until this afternoon, he added, as many as 75 had been vaccinated and would be picked up again after Friday prayers until the afternoon with a quota of 500 doses of vaccine per village.

"In total, we have 1,000 doses and will be recontinued on Kelapa Island tomorrow," he stated.