Contractor Targets to Finish Cilangkap Reservoir Dredging Work in November

Jumat, 23 Juli 2021 13:27 Nurito 229

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The 5-hectare Cilangkap Reservoir dredging work, which is located in RW 01 Cilangkap, Cipayung, East Jakarta has currently touched 30 percent and is targeted to be complete in the forthcoming November.

Dredging is carried out to four meters depth

It has two cross sections and is located on the border of Cilangkap and Munjul urban villages.

East Jakarta Water Resources (SDA)'s Maintenance Division Head, Puryanto said, as many as four heavy equipment had been alerted to the location, consisting of three heavy equipment type standard and one unit of long arm.

"Dredging is carried out to four meters depth," he stated, Friday (7/23).

According to him, its existence was aimed at overcoming flooding or inundation in the surrounding area, such as in Cilangkap, Setu, Lubang Buaya.

"It is done to accommodate water in large quantities when it rains. Moreover, It was previously abandoned and used by residents for illegal paid fishing," he concluded.

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