Vaccination Service at SDN Tengah 01 Pagi Serves 400 People

Kamis, 22 Juli 2021 19:13 Nurito 145

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Around 400 residents aged 12 years and over, enjoyed Covid-19 vaccination services held at SDN Tengah 01, Tengah Urban Village, Kramat Jati, East Jakarta, on Thursday (7/22).

Besides RW 02, we also open for other RWs

Tengah Urban Village Head, Tarmiji said, it was realized in collaboration with puskesmas and schools to speed up vaccination target.

According to him, SDN Tengah 01 was chosen, as located near it was in a residential area. "Besides RW 02, we also open for other RWs," he said.

He explained that it involved eight health workers assisted by 20 members from Dasawisma, TP PKK cadres, Posyandu and Jumantik as admins staff.

"We also send PPSU, Satpol PP, FKDM, as well as RT/RW caretakers to support the flow of vaccination services, vehicle parking placement to school environment cleanliness," he concluded.