Johar Baru Collaborates with 18 Health Clinics to Accelerate Vaccination

Senin, 19 Juli 2021 21:34 Folmer 148

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The Johar Baru Sub-district Covid-19 Task Force, Central Jakarta is about to collaborate with 18 health clinics in a bid to speed up the achievement of vaccinations for residents,

We're optimistic to achieve the target

Johar Baru Sub-district Vice Head, Dicky Suherlan said, those clinics would provide health workers for the mass vaccination program, which falls on July 28.

"This is done, because of high public's interest in being vaccinated, so we responded by collaborating with 18 owners of private health clinics operating in Johar Baru," he expressed, Monday (7/19).

He revealed, the vaccination centers that had been running in Johar Baru so far were at SMPN 156, SMPN 2, SMAN 27, SDN 01 Galur and one precision vaccine center initiated by the Central Jakarta Metro Police.

"We're optimistic to achieve the target," he asserted.

He added, in Johar Baru, as many as 6,696 people were infected with coronavirus, 4,681 recovered and 163 others died.

Meanwhile, there were 864 active cases, with details of 86 people being treated and 760 undergoing self-isolation.

"Johar Baru has 556 neighborhoods. From that number, 334 are in green status, 334 are in yellow status, 12 are in orange status and no red zone," he stated.