Pasar Rumput Rusunawa Prepares Rooms to Accommodate Covid-19 Patients

Minggu, 18 Juli 2021 09:31 Nurito Nugroho Adibrata 191

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The Pasar Rumput low-cost apartment block (Rusunawa) in Setiabudi, South Jakarta was transformed into a self-isolation center for Covid-19 patients. As the initial stage, one tower with 553 rooms has been prepared to accommodate 1,659 patients.

It has 553 rooms from 8th floor to 25th floor and is able to accommodate around 1,659 patients

Task Force Commander for Pasar Rumput Covid-19 Self-isolation Rusunawa, Col. Jamaluddin said, it was prepared to anticipate the surge in patients.

"There will be three towers. But so far one is ready to use. It has 553 rooms from 8th floor to 25th floor and is able to accommodate around 1,659 patients," he expressed, at Pasar Rumput Rusunawa, Saturday (7/17) night.

According to him, the tower has been operated today, Sunday (7/18) since 7 AM. It was only dedicated for asymptomatic and mild symptomatic patients.

"We have 66 health workers here plus 50 national armies and police to help with security," he expressed.

To have rooms here, he explained, patients must have a referral letter from the puskesmas. Those with severe symptoms were directed to the Wisma Atlet.

"Moreover the rusunawa has sports facilities, such as badminton courts, table tennis and gymnastics," he continued.

Jakarta National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) Acting Head, Sabdo Kurnianto added, to prepare for the logistical needs of patients, his party dispatched 100 personnel from the rapid reaction team. They prepared items from BNPB and collaborators, such as beds, buckets of dippers, towels, bed linen, trash cans, etc.

"We are also collaborating with collaborators, BNPB, Public Works and Housing (PUPR) Ministry, as well as the national army and police to meet infrastructure facilities," he said.

Then for the patient's food and drink needs, it will be prepared through catering.