Jakarta Supports Educational Institutions Intensifying Vaccination for Herd Immunity

Jumat, 16 Juli 2021 21:55 Yudha Peta Ogara Nugroho Adibrata 182

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The Jakarta administration continues to make efforts to accelerate and campaign vaccinations to achieve herd immunity in the capital city through a vaccination program. It is realized by collaborating with the government and various elements of society, including educational institutions, such as Krisnadwipayana University.

More universities, campuses, activists, including BEM Nusantara, are participating in smoothing vaccinations

Today, precisely on Friday (7/16), Jakarta Vice Governor, Ahmad Riza Patria, directly observed the COVID-19 vaccination activity initiated by the Jakarta Coordinator of BEM Nusantara and Krisnadiwpayana University at the Krisnadiwpayana University Hall, East Jakarta.

"I welcome and thank you. More universities, campuses, activists, including BEM Nusantara, are participating in smoothing vaccinations. Here we can vaccinate around 1,000-1,500 people in a day. Surely this increases the speed of achieving our targets in Jakarta," he expressed, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release,

According to the latest data of vaccination program in Jakarta, the total dose of 1 to date is 6,069.993 people (68.9%). The total dose of 2 has now reached 1,970,308 people (22.4%). Then, the vaccination target in Jakarta which was set by the President to be fulfilled by the end of August is 7.5 million people aged 12 years or over. While the Governor, Anies Baswedan set a target for a total of 8.8 million people to be vaccinated to create herd immunity.

He went on to say that Jakarta achieved the target faster than the central government set with the support and cooperation of all elements of society who care about the vaccination program. Despite there was a spike in active cases in Jakarta, it could still be controlled with the collaboration of all parties.

"We get support from Polda Metro Jaya, Kodam Jaya, Kajati, Forkopimda, all elements of society unite, in positive synergy, together to help control Covid-19 in Jakarta. This shows the commitment and sincerity of all of us," he continued.

He once again called on the public to be more disciplined in implementing health protocols. In PPKM Darurat, there were many checkpoints set up, but it was to ensure safety and health together. He asserted, people who violate the rules would be sanctioned.

"We only allow those who work in essential and critical sectors, so please understand. Shopping is also done online. You can also report offices outside the categories operating during PPKM via JAKI application. Your data will be protected so we ask for your cooperation and let's support it to reduce the number of active cases," he added.

Based on the Transportation Agency's report, the mobility of people in Jakarta had decreased by about 60 percent. Therefore, he ensured that the Government would continuously make various efforts and breakthroughs in dealing with the impact of PPKM on the community's economy. He also underlined, achieving herd immunity is the main thing at this time.

"If health can be achieved well, the economy will move better. We have prepared and taken various economic stimulus measures, such as tax incentives and cash social aid, which will be distributed soon," he uttered.

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