Indonesian Engineers Association Collaborates to Accelerate Vaccination Program in Jakarta

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Indonesian Engineers Association (PII) collaborates with Jakarta Government to hold COVID-19 vaccination center at PII's Head Office at Graha Rekayasa Indonesia, Jl. Halimun Raya No. 39, Setiabudi, South Jakarta, as an effort to help government and people to overcome COVID-19 pandemic.

Vaccination Center is operating on July 15-17, 2021

PII Chairperson, Heru Dewanto mentioned, PII Vaccination Center was carried out as an effort to prevent COVID-19 transmission by facilitating door-to-door vaccination service.

"Vaccination Center is operating on July 15-17, 2021. People can register via JAKI app or go directly to the location," he conveyed, Friday (7/16).

According to him, PII plays a role in preventing and breaking chain of COVID-19 transmission. For information, PII currently implements nanomist ozone technology for air sterilization and develops good quality masks at affordable price.

"We also help to provide oxygen concentrator. According to plan, PII Vaccination Center will be also held in other provinces in Indonesia," he added.

Meanwhile, Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan in his speech expressed his appreciation to PII for its collaboration with Jakarta Government and PII Chairperson's leadership in promoting humanitarian commitment.

"Vaccination is to create demand. As an illustration, at the beginning of vaccination activity in Jakarta, its success for vulnerable age group was around 70 percent. Over time, by improving movement and collaboration approach, vaccination is targeted to be given to 7.5 million Jakartans by the end of August 2021," he said.

Meanwhile, PII Jakarta Regional Chairperson who also serves as PAM Jaya President Director, Priyatno Bambang Hernowo stated, PII Vaccination Center is targeting PII members, engineers, engineering graduates, applied sciences bachelors and their families, as well as people around PII Head Office.

"We are targeting 1,000 people to be vaccinated in this location. Although the preparation time is very short, but thanks to good collaboration between PII and Jakarta Health Agency and Guntur Urban Village, Setiabudi Sub-district and local RT/RW heads, vaccination can be held,"

As of July 15, 2021, as many as 731 people have been registered via JAKI app from target of 900 people.

"For direct registration at the location, we collaborate with local RT/RW of Guntur Urban Village," he said.

For information, ceremonial opening of PII Vaccination Center was held on July 15, 2021, both online and offline. The opening ceremony was attended by PII Central Board, PII Regional Managers, and PII Branch Managers.