Individual STRP Request for Urgent Needs Category Reaches 1,521 Applications

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Jakarta Government has implemented Worker Registration Certificate (STRP) since July 5, 2021. It is not only applied for workers, but also individuals with Urgent Needs category.

There was surge in request for STRP on Tuesday, July 13, with total 67,177 applications

Jakarta Investment and One-Stop Integrated Service (PMPTSP) Agency Head, Benni Aguscandra stated, within period of July 5-14, 2021 at 8:00, there were 1,521 applications for Individual STRP with Urgent Needs category.

"There are 680 applications for visiting deceased family member, 553 applications for visiting sick family, 288 applications for urgent needs for pregnant women and childbirth," he informed, Thursday (7/15).

Overall, he continued, there was surge in request for STRP on Tuesday, July 13, with total 67,177 applications where it increased about eight times from average number of applications on previous days.

"Although there is a significant increase, we can still overcome the spike by completing 98 percent of STRP applications submitted," he added.

Each person in charge of company submits collective STRP for around 5-20 employees and one company can apply repeatedly after application is approved/rejected.

Jakarta PMPTSP Agency recorded more than 1,206,098 applications for STRP for Worker category had been submitted collectively by companies.

"We have issued 794,476 STRPs with Worker category. As many as 408,685 STRPs applications have been rejected and 2,937 applications are still in progress," he conveyed.

According to him, requests for information and briefing to PMPTSP Agency regarding STRP have also increased. This service can be accessed via call center 1500164, live chat via, social media @layananjakarta, and online briefing via email to [email protected]

"As many as 6,477 applicants have been served well regarding requests for information and briefing about STRP," he said.

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