In Order to Achieve Herd Immunity, Ariza Asks Residents to Fully Support Vaccination Program in Jakarta

Selasa, 13 Juli 2021 21:34 Yudha Peta Ogara 256

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In order to achieve herd immunity, Jakarta residents are expected to be proactive to participate in vaccination program organized by government and various parties.

There is a target set by President for Jakarta Government with deadline at the end of August

Jakarta Government has set target of 8.8 million people to be vaccinated in Jakarta. Thus it needs full support from the community. It was conveyed by Jakarta Vice Governor, Ahmad Riza Patria (Ariza) while monitoring vaccination activity at Jakarta INKINDO and One Bellpark Mall, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (7/13).

"There is a target set by President for Jakarta Government with deadline at the end of August. Hopefully, we can achieve the target faster. Jakarta is an open city with high mobility, both internal and between regions. Thus in order to achieve herd immunity, all residents in Jakarta, both local residents and migrants, must have immunity (or) must be vaccinated. That way, we can reduce the risk of being treated in hospital or death. Although it could not completely stop the transmission," he said in his speech, quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release.

Currently, he added, active cases in Jakarta reaches 90,126 people, where most of them are still in isolation/being treated. In order to prevent increase in active cases, Jakarta Government has also strengthened 3T and accelerated vaccination for all residents in Jakarta. In other hand, residents should do their tasks in implementing health protocol and comply with PPKM policy thus they can work productively amid the long-term threat of COVID-19.

"This figure (active cases in Jakarta) is fewer than the previous figure. However, it is not a small figure. Because, so far, Jakarta is the largest with 27,000 active cases. It is almost four times than the usual. Vaccination is an effort to reduce COVID-19 transmission," he stated.

But he didn't deny that some people were still worried and hesitant to be vaccinated. However, people should believe that vaccination movement is carried out for the common good, to save and protect all Jakarta residents.

"Don't believe hoax. Thank God, Jakarta has reached 5.3 million, thus God willing, target can be achieved. In addition to scientific approach, we as religious people should not forget to pray. Ask forgiveness to the Almighty God in order to stay healthy, comfortable, able to work, interact, and continue to serve our community, nation, country, and religion," he asserted.  

On the same occasion, he also appreciated Jakarta INKINDO Board and health workers who had helped carry out vaccination activity. He also reminded all to continue to apply strict health protocol.

"Behalf of Jakarta Government, I expressed my gratitude and appreciation to Jakarta INKINDO for holding this vaccination activity. We (Jakarta Government) have target to vaccinate 100 thousand people a day, or even more than 120, 135, 158 thousand people a day," he closed.

This vaccination activity was also attended by Jakarta National Association of Indonesian Consultants (INKINDO) Board Chairman, Iman Hartawan; Jakarta Manpower, Transmigration, and Energy Agency Head, Andri Yansyah; South Jakarta Secretary, Munzirin; Cilandak Sub-district Head, Mundari; Pondok Labu Urban Village Head, Nurul Baiti; Danramil Cilandak, Major Infantry Usep Shirajusyar'i; and One Bellpark Mall Chairman, Samuel Maruli.