City Collaborates with Attorney General's Office to Fulfill Medical Oxygen Needs at RSUD Koja

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Jakarta Government collaborated with Attorney General of Republic of Indonesia to help distribute oxygen cylinders in RSUD Koja, North Jakarta.

We will assist to make sure hospitals not run out of medical oxygen

North Jakarta Mayor, Ali Maulana Hakim conveyed, this morning 2 fleets from Attorney General's Office and 1 fleet from Jakarta Environment (LH) Agency had departed to refill oxygen cylinders from RSUD Koja to oxygen filling station.  

"We will assist to make sure hospitals not run out of medical oxygen because of lack of transport, because currently medical oxygen is very vital," he said after sending fleets ceremonially, on Tuesday (7/13).

North Jakarta District Attorney's Office Head, I Made Sudarmawan conveyed, his side deployed 2 operational vehicles (KDOs) to transport oxygen cylinders to and from RSUD Koja.

"We can deploy those vehicles whenever hospital needs it, also for surveillance and security," he added.

Meanwhile, RSUD Koja President Director, Ida Bagus Nyoman Banjar admitted that she was greatly helped by transportation assistance which was considered very vital during the pandemic because of unpredictable need for medical oxygen at any time.

"Fulfillment of medical oxygen at RSUD Koja reaches 281 oxygen cylinders per day during the pandemic. Through this collaboration, we are greatly helped because it is quite difficult to find fleets that can transport cylinders to distributor," she conveyed.

For information, adult inpatient room capacity at RSUD Koja has been fully occupied by 486 patients, including ICU.

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