Mobile Vaccine Car Serves 100 Ciracas Residents for Vaccination

Senin, 12 Juli 2021 18:16 Nurito Maria Inggita 174

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Hundred people participated in vaccination using mobile vaccine car service at Ciracas Sub-district Office Hall, East Jakarta, Monday (7/12). It was held through collaboration between Jakarta Government and Jakarta Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin).

This mobile vaccine car service has been held since last Friday in Ciracas Sub-district

Jakarta Regional Cooperation Bureau Head, Marulina Dewi said, vaccination service which provided through mobile vaccine car is carried out as an effort to facilitate residents in order to get vaccine.

In this activity, Jakarta Kadin deployed 2 health workers and administration staff from urban village office. Some participants registered via Jakarta Kini (JAKI) app and others came directly to the vaccination site.

"With mobile vaccine car, we hope it can make it easier for residents to get vaccination service. Because mobile vaccine car serves people outside, the maximum duration of the service is only four hours in order to maintain vaccine quality," she explained.

This mobile vaccine car service has been held since last Friday in Ciracas Sub-district. In every vaccination activity, mobile vaccine car always reaches its vaccination target.

Ciracas Sub-district Deputy Head, Rudy Syahrul mentioned, number of people participating in vaccination through mobile vaccine car continues to increase.

From total 100 residents who took a part in this vaccination activity, 25 of them registered via JAKI app. While the other 75 residents came directly to the location. All of them are residents of Ciracas Sub-district.

"Thank God, people are enthusiastic about getting vaccinated," he conveyed.

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