Receiving Assistance From KADIN, Ariza Supports Collaboration From Various Parties

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Jakarta Vice Governor, Ahmad Riza Patria (Ariza) attended Oxygen Cylinder Participation Activity through collaboration which held by Jakarta KADIN at East Jakarta PPKD, Thursday (7/8).

However, we ask people who don't need it not to stock oxygen cylinders at home

He appreciated KADIN participation as Jakarta Government's partner in handling and controlling COVID-19 pandemic in Jakarta. Contributions and supports from various parties during the pandemic are also very valuable to help Jakarta residents who are affected by pandemic.

In this activity, Jakarta KADIN symbolically provided assistance in form of 100 oxygen cylinders with size 6 cubic meters for Jakarta Government which was received by Ariza. In his remarks, he said that Jakarta KADIN has been actively organizing various humanitarian activities for Jakarta residents, especially in handling the pandemic. Therefore, he encouraged various parties to build more cooperation and participation in this pandemic.

"Indeed, last week we were unable to meet high demand of oxygen.Thank God we can overcome it. However, we ask people who don't need it not to stock oxygen cylinders at home. Oxygen cylinders are only used for family who are exposed to COVID-19, patients in hospitals, and predetermined places. Hopefully other organizations can also improve their support and contribution for Jakarta residents," he stated as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release.

Not only accepting oxygen cylinders from KADIN, Ariza also had a chance to monitor vaccination service initiated by Jakarta KADIN.

"Thank God, we have opportunity to directly monitor vaccination in East Jakarta which carried out by Jakarta KADIN. Thank you for your support and participation. So far, KADIN is very active in holding vaccination for Jakartans," he mentioned.

For information, in the last two weeks, there was a very significant increase in COVID-19 spread in Jakarta. Therefore, government adopted emergency PPKM policy. Ariza also appealed all residents to support all policies to handle and control COVID-19 in Jakarta with full sense of responsibility.

"Once again. The best is to stay at home. Implement strict health protocol. This emergency PPKM limits operating hours, capacity, and space for mobility. Limiting flow of people and goods. For residents who find their companies violating the regulation, please report it via JAKI app  or authorized officers. Surely we will follow it up immediately. We ask companies to comply wiht emergency PPKM.

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