Emergency PPKM, Ariza Urges Residents to Be Proactive in Using CRM Service

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Jakarta Vice Governor, Ahmad Riza Patria (Ariza) monitored Jakarta Smart City at Jakarta City Hall, Thursday (7/8).

As of today, we have received 661 reports via JAKI

In this monitoring, based on the latest data from Jakarta Health Agency, there were 12,974 people confirmed positive for COVID-19 from today's PCR test results. Therefore, he appealed residents to tighten health protocol, comply with emergency PPKM policy, and proactively use Quick Response Community(CRM) service managed by Jakarta Smart City.

This service was developed to support community participation and optimize government's performance. Jakarta Government officials will process public complaints and resolve it quickly and accurately.

"Today, we broke another record. We ask people to be more disciplined, stay at home, don't go anywhere, comply with 5M and emergency PPKM regulations. We hope everyone can pay attention, report (violations) through JAKI application if there are offices that violate the regulations. For residents who report it, we will keep your identity confidential. We will be strict towards companies that violate by revoking their permit or giving criminal sanction. As of today, we have received 661 reports via JAKI. So, please report it if you find any violation in your office," he said as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release.

Meanwhile, Jakarta Smart City BLUD Head, Yudhistira Nugraha explained, CRM system is public complaint service provided with several application-based official channels, social media, and face-to-face. It facilitates residents throughout Jakarta to report problems they face. Each report will be followed up within 7 days. In average, it can be completed in 2 days. In certain cases, such as damaged roads, an estimated completion time will be provided. If within a month the report is not completed, there will be certain consequences as a form of evaluation.

"Millennials may prefer JAKI since it is app-based. So, our philosophy is to build an inclusive ecosystem, making it easier for people to use what they want. This system also makes it easier to handle through coordination between agencies. Agency can also delegate it to sub-agency. Government Bureau checks the initial follow-up plan. Easy to track it by entering CRM tracking code," he informed.

In guarding emergency PPKM, he continued, most people choose JAKI and via email. Because both channels can keep their identity a secret. JAKI has categories such as violations on PPKM, Perda, or Pergub. Whistleblowers who take pictures need to be careful not to take picture in areas with CCTV thus their identities are not known. "Don't take photos during incident to prevent being threatened. It is safer if you can take photos from outside building, via email," he stated.

For information, CRM system consists of 14 official complaint channels. Besides, there are Citizen Relations Management app that can be used by Jakarta Government officials to process and resolve public complaints. As a bridge to between public complaints and government, the CRM system is one of JSC's innovation to solve various problems in Jakarta.

CRM is a modern system to solve complaint reports sent by Jakarta residents. Before CRM, it took a long time to process a report that should be followed by agencies. As the result, people waited long to know the update of their reports. Therefore his side created CRM.

Here are 14 CRM channels:

1. JAKI (Jakarta Kini)

2. Qlue

3. Twitter @DKIJakarta

4. Facebook Pemprov DKI Jakarta

5. Email dki@jakarta.go.id

6. Balai Warga jakarta.go.id

7. Sms LAPOR 1708

8. Sms 08111272206

9. Urban Village Offices

10. Sub-district Offices

11. Mayor Offices

12. Pendopo Balai Kota

13. Inspectorate Office

14. Governor's Social Media

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