Rekan Indonesia Distributes Packaged Rice Meals for Isolated Residents in East Jakarta

Kamis, 08 Juli 2021 21:56 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing Nugroho Adibrata 123

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The Indonesian Health Volunteers (Rekan) is collaborating with the Social Ministry and the Jakarta administration to distribute packaged rice meals aid for residents in Cipinang Besar Selatan and Cililitan urban villages, East Jakarta who are undergoing self-isolation due to Covid-19.

Most of them are from the lower-class people, that's why this aid is much needed

Nasional Rekan Indonesia Chairman, Agung Nugroho said it was aimed at lightening the burden on residents undergoing self-isolation. Moreover, they were prohibited from leaving the house thus their food should be met.

"Most of them are from the lower-class people, that's why this aid is much needed," he expressed, Thursday (7/8).

He explained as many as 200 packaged rice meals had been distributed to them. "This aid will keep being distributed with allocation of up to 2,000 packages," he explained.

East Jakarta Rekan Indonesia Caretaker, Syahrudin added that the aid was allocated to six RWs in Cipinang Besar Selatan Sub-district and one RW in Cililitan Sub-district.

"Hopefully it can slightly help them in meeting their food needs," he hoped.

As for the information, they had set up the 24-hour Covid-19 Command Post since the disease hit Jakarta.

Besides collecting the situation and conditions of increasing cases, the post also welcomes reports from residents who needed isolation rooms at health facilities, looking for an ICU, helping with oxygen needs, and helping find graves under Covid-19 protocol.

As of July 6, there have been 1,352 residents who reported to the post. They also open a call center at 021-26961758 and donations to support the Covid-19 monitoring activities through Bank DKI Account: 11103081097 on behalf of Relawan Kesehatan Indonesia.