120 Cakung Barat People Enjoy Mobile Vaccination Service at Cempaka Sari RPTRA

Kamis, 08 Juli 2021 18:24 Nurito 242

(Foto: Nurito - Beritajakarta.id)

Around 120 residents of RW 01 Cakung Barat, enjoyed the mobile vaccination service held by the Jakarta administration together with PT Meganta Mediatama at Cempaka Sari RPTRA.

This service is private in order to avoid the crowd

Cakung Barat Urban Village Head, Daniel Wisnu Parulian said it has been held since Tuesday (7/7) and would end on Friday (7/9). It targeted to vaccinate around 120 people every day. The people vaccinated were from RW 01 who lived in Cukung Barat Flat or in villages.

"This service is private in order to avoid the crowd. That's why it is conducted in stages," he said, Thursday (7/8).

To support it, as many as 20 joint personnel had been alerted at the location. They consisted of Satpol PP, Babinsa/Bimaspol, TP PKK cadres, Posyandu, Jumantik, FKDM, LMK, RT/RW caretakers and RPTRA caretakers.

"They help with security and the flow of entry and exit for residents who will be vaccinated. Certainly it is done under strict health protocols," he expressed.

PT Meganta Mediatama Director, Yi Fang added collaboration was made to support the acceleration of vaccination services for residents. As the initial stage, two cars were prepared for the mobile vaccination service. Starting next week, one more unit would be added to three units.

He also health workers consisting of one doctor, one nurse, admin staff, observation and logistics division.

"Today the service is held at Cempaka Sari Cakung Barat RPTRA and in Pasar Minggu area, South Jakarta. Hopefully, it can help the Jakarta administration in accelerating vaccination services for its residents," he concluded.

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