254 Volunteers Participate in Training on Study of Covid-19 Bodies at Jakarta Puslatkesda

Selasa, 06 Juli 2021 22:33 Yudha Peta Ogara 198

(Foto: - Beritajakarta.id)

The Jakarta administration continues to conduct various ways to stop the surge in Covid-19 cases in the capital city. One of them is by improving the competence of the funeral attendants formed by Jakarta DMI in 42 sub-districts in Jakarta, through training on Covid-19 funerals for patients who die outside health care facilities (fasyankes).

Jakarta is the first province to form a funeral team

As of July 4, through corona.jakarta.go.id, the number of Covid-19 cases in Jakarta had increased to 580,595 with 8,652 deaths or 1.5 percent of the total cases. Still on the same date, 50 funerals were conducted outside the health facilities.

According to Gubernatorial Regulation number 159/2019 on the Organization and Work Procedures of the Health Office, Regional Health Training Centers (Puslatkesda) is a technical implementation unit located under and responsible to the agency head. They have the task of assisting the agency in conducting training and improving the quality and/or technical competence of human resources in the field of public health and individual health.

Thereby, they give support for the training of funeral attendants outside the health facilities. This is in line with the Puslatkesda vision, which is to improve the competence of human resources in the health sector as stated in the Health Agency Head's Circular Letter number 69/2021 on Burial of Covid-19 Bodies Outside Health Service Facilities, point 7.

Then on June 25, the same training was also held online and was attended by 254 participants consisting of members of Jakarta DMI and other volunteers in Jakarta. That way, if a Covid-19 patient dies in the nearest area, the training participants can handle the corpse in accordance with the Revision-5 Covid-19 Prevention and Control Guidelines.

Jakarta Puslatkesda Head, Nisma Hiddin said it was realized in collaboration with the Jakarta Mental and Spiritual Education Bureau, Jakarta BAZIS, MUI, DMI and Health Agency.

"The government has taken steps to contain Covid-19 quickly, precisely, focused, integrated, and synergistically. Ministries/agencies and local governments, and the community, intensify various prevention efforts through the implementation of the Covid-19 Handling Health Protocol, from 7 M, vaccination, to the establishment of regional head regulations," he explained, on Tuesday (7/6).

Jakarta Health Agency Head, Widyastuti said that the number of deaths in hospitals and homes has also increased. Initially the average death at home was 8 -10 people per day, now it is more than 20 people per day.

"This makes us have to be more prepared in terms of human resources, facilities, vehicles, posts, to places for funerals. Jakarta is the first province to form a funeral team," she utterred.

Her agency asked the sincerity of all involved to jointly honor the people who have died in residential areas. The debriefing was in addition to the implementation of the funeral procession from the health element thus the officers remained safe.

"Our contribution is good so far, it gives a happy impact to Jakartans, hopefully in each sub-district we can form a funeral attendant team as the forerunner of future funeral services," she hoped.

As for the information, present as speakers at the event were Kiyai Misbah from MUI, Masrur Mustofa from DMI, Boge Priyo Nugroho from Tarakan RSUD, and the Body Studying Team for Kalideres Hospital.