Covid-19, Logistical Aid Continues to Arrive at Nagrak Flat

Selasa, 06 Juli 2021 22:42 Suparni 172

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Logistics and other emergency assistance for Covid-19 isolation patients and health teams in Jakarta continues to roll from any party.

Thank you, this support is really needed as energy intake as they are very limited in number

Today, the Nagrak Flat, Marunda Urban Village, Cilincing Sub-district, South Jakarta, which is currently being used to accommodate Covid-19 patients, received assistance for health workers from the North Jakarta Family Welfare Movement Team (TP PKK).

The assistance distributed was in the form of blankets, pillows, supplement drinks and vitamins, milk, bread, biscuits and necessities for bathing such as buckets, towels, soap and toothpaste.

"Hopefully, they will continue to be passionate about helping the community. We also ask the public to remain obedient to health protocols and carry out 5M," said North Jakarta TP PKK Secretariat, Tatik, Tuesday (6/7).

On the other hand, Nagrak Flat Nursing Coordinator, Sec. Lt. Naviyoga Wiratama expressed that the support from all parties was very good to help increase the energy and enthusiasm of the health workers in charge of providing services at the Nagrak Flat.

"Thank you, this support is really needed as energy intake as they are very limited in number," she stated.

He furthered three out of four existing towers were still full of patients with the potential for additional additions every day.

"Currently we only have 50 health workers, where 30 are feom Yon-Kes 1 TNI AD and 5 others are from the police," she added.