PAM Jaya Collaborates with Government to Provide COVID-19 Vaccination Center in Duri Kosambi

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PAM Jaya has collaborated to succeed COVID-19 vaccination program by holding vaccination service center at SDN 05 Duri Kosambi, Duri Kosambi Urban Village, Cengkareng Sub-district, West Jakarta.

Residents who have been vaccinated should also remain vigilant and and follow government's advice to stay at home

PAM Jaya President Director, Priyatno Bambang Hernowo conveyed, providing vaccination service center is done as an effort to accelerate COVID-19 vaccination in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta.

"In order to provide service and support government's vaccination program, PAM Jaya presents vaccination center in areas where there are still many people who haven't been vaccinated, such as in Duri Kosambi Urban Village. The point is to bring vaccination center closer to people in need," he said, Monday (7/5)

According to him, PAM Jaya Vaccination Center used Sinovac vaccines where the first doses will be given on July 5-9, 2021.

"Daily target for PAM Jaya Vaccination Center is 300 doses a day. PAM Jaya Vaccination Center is realized through collaboration with West Jakarta Government, Health Agency, and local urban village and health center," he said.

His side encouraged residents who want to take vaccination to implement strict health protocol.

"Residents who have been vaccinated should also remain vigilant and and follow government's advice to stay at home," he asserted.

West Jakarta Mayor, Uus Kuswanto explained, West Jakarta is targeting to give 23,000 doses a day. Thus PAM Jaya Vaccination Center is very helpful for government to meet vaccination target as soon as possible.

"We hope residents can use PAM Jaya Vaccination Service facility, because COVID-19 handling is focus on implementing Emergency PPKM strictly and accelerating vaccination for residents," he asserted.

Meanwhile, at the same location, Jakarta Council (DPRD) Commission C Member, Lukman Hakim thanked PAM Jaya for providing assistance for West Jakarta residents, especially those who live in Cengkareng Sub-district.

"Hopefully similar vaccination center can be provided in other areas," he mentioned.

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