Here is MRT and Transjakarta Operation Amid Emergency PPKM

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PT MRT Jakarta and PT Transport Jakarta (Transjakarta) have implemented operational service adjustments in order to support the emergency public activity restrictions (PPKM Darurat), as a strategy to contain the spread of Covid-19.

This is a step to optimize health protocols in the capital

PT MRT Jakarta has changed operational times and temporarily closed several station entrances which will take effect from July 5.

PT MRT Jakarta President Director, William Sabandar said the operational time was set every starting at 6 AM to 8:30 PM with headway hitting 10 minutes between trains and passengers were limited to around 65 people per car.

It is to follow up on the Jakarta Transportation Agency (Dishub) Head Decree number 259/2021 on the implementation of Technical Guidelines for Limiting Transport Capacity and Operational Time on Transportation Facilities in the context of PPKM Darurat.

"This is a step to optimize health protocols in the capital," he expressed, Monday (7/5).

As for the policy for the temporary closure of the station entrance gate would be set with details of the closing location, as follows:

1. Fatmawati

a) Entrance B, nearest location: Escalator near Cilandak park, Astra BMW, South Quarter (Jalan RA Kartini, South Quarter)

b) Entrance D, nearest location: Entrance in front of BPJS, Pertamina gas station (Jalan RA Kartini, Fatmawati Hospital)

2. Cipete Raya

a) Entrance A, nearest location: Holland Bakery, Toyota (Jalan Terogong Raya, Setia Mitra Hospital)

b) Entrance D, nearest location: Pusdiklat Kemensetneg (Jalan BDN Raya, Pusdiklat Kemensetneg)

c) Entrance E, nearest location: Honda Showroom (Jalan RS Fatmawati)

3. Istora Mandiri

a) Entrance B, nearest location: Sultan Hotel, GBK gate 7 (Jalan Pintu Gelora 7, Hutan Kota Senayan)

b) Entrance D, nearest location: SCBD, Polda Metro Jaya (Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Polda Metro Jaya)

"Besides the three stations, the other station entrance gates are normal," he explained.

His party would continuously implement policies related to PPKM Darurat and various adaptive steps in fulfilling the company's commitment to support the government in efforts to overcome the pandemic thus it can run optimally.

"We'll provide the best service to our customer amid PPKM Darurat," he stressed.

Aside that, PT Transport Jakarta (Transjakarta) had also similar action to its operational schedule from July 4-20. The bus only served the commuter from 5 AM to 8:30 PM, while for health services it would operate from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

PT Transjakarta Operational Director, Prasetia Budi uttered that the number of passenger was limited to 50 percent of the normal capacity, provided that the articulated bus with a maximum of 60 commuters, medium bus with a maximum of 30 commuters, small bus with a maximum of 15 commuters and 5 commuters for microtrans.

"We also deploy around 72 Covid-19 task force members to make sure everything goes according to the rules. They will patrol every fleet and make sure all the process goes well," he explained.

His party was never careless in ensuring that all operating fleets were in accordance with the procedures, namely, being cleaned using disinfectant liquid regularly, installing safe distance signs both at bus stops and on buses, to the availability of hand sanitizers that customers could use.

"We call on all commuters to comply with any applicable rules. Let's fight Covid-19 together," he said.