East Jakarta SDA Deploys Seven Trucks to Transport Oxygen Cylinders

Jumat, 02 Juli 2021 17:03 Nurito Maria Inggita 158

(Foto: Nurito - Beritajakarta.id)

East Jakarta Water Resources (SDA) Sub-agency deployed 21 personnel and seven trucks to help distributing oxygen cylinders in seven hospitals.

All personnel and fleets are on standby for 24 hours

East Jakarta SDA Sub-agency's Maintenance Section Head, Puryanto mentioned, it was done as collaborative work to distribute and refill oxygen cylinders since it is urgently needed in hospitals.

"We prepare seven fleets and 21 personnel to be on standby in seven hospitals in East Jakarta," he said, Friday (7/2).

According to him, his personnel and fleets are on standby in RSUD Budi Asih, RSUD Kramat Jati, RSUD Pasar Rebo, RSUD Cipayung, RSUD Ciracas, RSUD Duren Sawit, and RSUD Matraman.

"All personnel and fleets are on standby for 24 hours. Thus they can give assistance immediately if needed," he mentioned.

Since Tuesday (6/29), his side had transported 480 oxygen cylinders which were taken from seven hospitals to be refilled at oxygen refilling points. After being refilled, those oxygen cylinders were brought back to seven hospitals.

Oxygen refilling stations are located in SGI Narogong Somator Factory on Jalan Klapanunggal, Bogor, West Java; Pulogadung Industrial Area, Cakung, Jalam Pinggir Dermaga Marunda, North Jakarta; and others.

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