Pegadungan Residents Seem Enthusiastic to Participate in Vaccination

Rabu, 30 Juni 2021 22:05 Wuri Setyaningsih Maria Inggita 287

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Pegadungan Urban Village, Kalideres, West Jakarta continues to promote COVID-19 vaccination for residents aged 18+ in the region. Residents also seemed enthusiastic about participating vaccination, one of which was carried out at Citra III Meeting Building, Jalan Palem Anggur No. 5, RT 05/13, Pegadungan. Since morning, residents have been queued in orderly manner for registration, health screening, vaccination, and observation stages.

As number of COVID-19 cases rose again, he was worried about being exposed to COVID-19

Ismayadi (34), RW 03 Pegadungan Urban Village resident said he was grateful to have received first dose COVID-19 vaccine. He also admitted that he will return to receive second dose vaccine in the next 14 days.

"Ia am grateful that I have been vaccinated with the first dose of Sinovac vaccine. The second dose is planned to be given at Pegadungan Health Center," he said, Wednesday (6/30).

As number of COVID-19 cases rose again, he was worried about being exposed to COVID-19. Moreover, the current positive cases are dominated by new variants whose transmission rates are higher.

Meanwhile, Vitasari (21), RW 03 Pegadungan Urban Village admitted that she was worried about high COVID-19 cases in the past days. But after vaccination, her anxiety was slightly reduced.

"Honestly, before being vaccinated, I was worried, especially when going out. But Thank God, after being vaccinated, my worries were slightly reduce," he conveyed.

Pegadungan Urban Village Head, Adith Pratama stated, first dose vaccines had been given to RW 03 residents aged 18-59 years on Tuesday (6/29). Vaccination was carried out by implementing health protocol.

"We are grateful that residents are enthusiastic about taking a part in vaccination. Yesterday, 400 residents had received first dose vaccines. Through vaccination, we hope pandemic can end soon," he mentioned.