Satpol PP Deploys 1,000 Personnel Every Day to Fight Covid-19 in Jakarta

Minggu, 27 Juni 2021 22:45 Nurito Nugroho Adibrata 369

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To fight Covid-19 in the capital, as many as 1,000 personnel of Satpol PP have been alerted every day for various activities, from the micro-scale public activity restrictions (PPKM Mikro) monitoring to social activities.

We'll do a massive operation every day

Jakarta Satpol PP's Center for Disaster Data and Information (Pusdatin) Head, Adi Krisna Prayoga said personnel from urban village, sub-district, city until province levels would be on standby to curb coronavirus in Jakarta.

They were assigned to conduct checkpoints at 10 points of road sections in five city areas, support the mobilization of residents who would participate in vaccination at a number of service locations, relocate Covid-19 victims who died at home, and various other prevention activities.

"We'll do a massive operation every day," he said, Sunday (6/27).

To optimize it, he was also collaborating with other related units such as army/police, Health Agency (Dinkes), Transportation Agency (Dishub), and regional officials.

"Every night they routinely monitor operating hours to a number of entertainment venues, restaurants, cafes and other places," he asserted.

There were also 389 operational vehicles at the location. They were deployed in 267 urban villages (1 unit per village), 44 sub-districts (2 units per district), at city level (four units).

"At province level, we have sent 10 units every day," he uttered.

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