Kali Sunter River Normalization Enters Land Acquisition Stage

Jumat, 25 Juni 2021 10:55 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing 192

(Foto: Istimewa - Beritajakarta.id)

Sooner or later, the Jakarta Water Resources (SDA) Sub-agency together with the Public Works and Public Housing Ministry is about to normalize the Kali Sunter River in Cipinang Melayu Urban Village, East Jakarta.

Land acquisition is done via the land owner's account

Thus far it has entered the stage of land acquisition pain in this year.

According to Roedito Setiawan, Head of Land Procurement Technical Unit, his party was assigned as land acquisition executor and the ministry as normalization executor.

"Land acquisition is done via the land owner's account if there has been an agreement in the deliberation regarding the form and amount of compensation between the owner with the agency under the flow of land acquisition in Gubernatorial Regulation number 87/2017, plus documents that have been verified," he expressed, Friday (6/25).

He explained that the river had experienced silting and narrowing which made the water always overflow to the residents' settlements.

"This is done as a form of responsibility and concern for Jakarta, as well as providing awareness to the public regarding the very important function of the river," he explained.

He added the concept of naturalization that will be used is to restore or maintain the natural shape of the river which winds naturally, widens the river body, and dredges its depth thus the carrying capacity of the river approaches the original and ideal capacity.

"The riverbank will also be greened with plants as natural ecological hydraulics, prevent erosion of riverbeds and riverbanks, and reduce flooding," he stated.