Here is Gambir's Effort to Fight Covid-19

Kamis, 24 Juni 2021 20:46 Folmer Nugroho Adibrata 120

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Gambir Sub-district Head, Fauzi has seen Covid-19 infection emerging from family cluster towards 80 residents in his region that is recorded since last two days.

They are infected when they get together with friends or relatives at a hangout

"They are infected when they get together with friends or relatives at a hangout," he expressed, on the sidelines of socializing the correct use of masks in Cideng Urban Village residents, Thursday (6/24).

He stated that he immediately went to the location to conduct socialization to remind residents to be more disciplined in implementing health protocols. Moreover, there were still many people who do not wear masks properly.

"We urge them to keep wearing masks, stay away from crowds and wash their hands frequently," he expressed.

Aside that, he explained, several residential locations had implemented a one-gate system for entry and exit in order to curb the spread of Covid-19.

It was implemented in RW 01, 05 and 09 in Cideng Urban Village, RW 01 and 04 Duri Pulo Urban Village, RW 03, 07 and 08 Petojo Utara Urban Village.

"Residents and guests who want to enter areas that apply the one-door system, must have their body temperature checked and asked for needs and who they want to meet in the settlement," he stated.

Not only that, online delivery drivers were also not allowed to enter during one-door system. Packages of goods should be entrusted at the security post and sprayed with disinfectant.

"Security officers or Karuna Taruna youth organization members will take turns guarding at the entrance post," he concluded.