Anies Doesn't Want More People Died Due to COVID-19 and Reminds People to Comply with Health Protocol

Rabu, 23 Juni 2021 23:19 Yudha Peta Ogara 372

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Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan together with Jakarta Regional Secretary, Marullah Matali and other officials ensured the readiness of Public Cemetery (TPU) specifically for bodies exposed to COVID-19 in Rorotan, North Jakarta on Wednesday (6/23).

It is a moment where we must be responsible by being disciplined

In this monitoring, he wanted to ensure that the 3-hectare burial ground was prepared according to health protocol. Thus burial process for 900 new grave plots can be carried out according to health protocol procedures.

"(Bodies exposed to COVID-19) are focused to be buried in here. Then, please (cemetery officers) to coordinate, using long-distance communication tools, to avoid transmission, he said as quoted from PPID Press Release.

He hopes COVID-19 spread can be handled as well as possible, because his side doesn't want more bodies to be buried in public cemetery. During monitoring, he was very sad when he met with the deceased's family.

"Please, look at this. It is surely hard for this family. They can't go further to send off their family members. It is a moment where we must be responsible by being disciplined. Therefore, let's protect ourselves, our families, neighbors, co-workers. DKI is preparing place (public cemetery), but we don't want more people to be brought here anymore," he asserted.

He always reminded people to comply with health protocol by implementing 5M, namely washing hands, wearing mask, maintaining safe distance, reducing mobility, and avoiding crowds. Thus people can participate in suppressing COVID-19 transmission, especially with the new variant of viral mutation which more contagious.

"With the new variant, I remind families to take care of their children. Because, we find that percentage of children exposed is much higher than previous spike. Currently, 16 percent of children are exposed. In fact, 4-6 percent of them are toddlers. We have to pay more attention to this. We don't want more people taken to this place. We want it to be used as little as possible. So, I hope, in this micro PPKM, people can reduce activities outside,, increase activities at home," he stated.