Violating Health Protocol, Sanctions Given to 5 Business Places in Koja

Selasa, 22 Juni 2021 18:23 Rezki Apriliya Iskandar Maria Inggita 161

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Koja Sub-district Satpol PP, North Jakarta monitored several business places on Monday (6/21) night until Tuesday (6/22) dawn.

We hope strict monitoring and sanction can give deterrent effect for residents

Koja Sub-district Satpol PP Head, Roslely Tambunan stated, his side deployed 15 personnel to monitor health protocol implementation during Micro PPKM period in cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, food stalls, mini markets and PS rental places. As the result, violations were still found in five business places.

"We give written warnings to 2 business places and temporarily closed 3 business places for 3x24 hours. While no violations found in other 9 business places," he conveyed, Tuesday (6/22).

On this occasion, his side monitored several locations in Lagoa Urban Village (Jl. Semangka, Jl. Mahoni, and Jl. Menteng), and Koja Urban Village (Jl. Deli and Jl. Lorong 27), Tugu Selatan Urban Village (Jl. STM Walang Jaya and Jl. Raya Logistik).

According to him, health protocol monitoring was carried out because of rapid increase in COVID-19 cases within these days. Some business places were also found violating operating hours and residents were found gathering without complying with health protocol in restaurants.

"We hope strict monitoring and sanction can give deterrent effect for residents thus they no longer violate health protocol. It is hoped that COVID-19 cases will decrease and pandemic will end soon," he mentioned.

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