Covid-19 Vaccination in Jakarta Exceeds Target 100,000 People/day

Jumat, 18 Juni 2021 22:19 Wuri Setyaningsih 273

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As reported earlier, President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo ordered the Jakarta administration to fast-track the Covid-19 vaccination drive thus Indonesia's capital can reach the target of 7.5 million people by August.

Our duty now is to maintain that number consistently and even continue to increase it

To hit the target, the administration must pursue a daily vaccination target of 100,000 people. Now, Jakarta is able to exceed the daily target.

Based on the Health Ministry's data, vaccination on Thursday (6/17) reached 102,548 people. Actually there were as many as 107,651 people who came to the vaccination site yesterday. However, there were around 5,000 registrants who have to postpone vaccination as they did not pass the health screening. Therefore, the administration appreciated the enthusiasm of Jakarta residents in participating in the vaccination program.

"Our duty now is to maintain that number consistently and even continue to increase it," said Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan, at Jakarta City Hall, Friday (6/18).

To increase public interest in being vaccinated, besides socialization and education to the public, his party took several approaches as a strategy to accelerate the vaccination campaign in the capital, as follows:

1. Community

• Mobilization of residents at RT/RW level

• Deployment of informal associations and certain economic sectors, such as associations and associations

• Acceleration in large communities such as flats and apartments

• Management of special groups, such as groups with disabilities and homeless

2. Workplace/educational institutions/other institutions

• Vaccination in offices/companies

• Vaccination in educational institutions

• Vaccination in prisons

3. Public Place

• Vaccination at shopping places and traditional markets

• Vaccination at airports, terminals and stations

• Vaccination in other crowded places

"Along with Pangdam Jaya and Polda Metro Jaya, we formed the Vaccination Task Force with a post at City Hall. It is monitored in a real time and will pass through evaluation for twice a week to get feedback on implementation in the field and make improvements if needed," he added.

To get vaccine, residents can go to the vaccination site. However, to speed up vaccination, they must register online via JAKI app or By registering online, they may choose the schedule and place of vaccination themselves, as well as being able to pre-screen online tests.

Currently, 326 vaccination centers/locations have been available in Jakarta and will continue to be added as needed. To find them, it can be checked through the Google Maps application, by writing "vaksin COVID-19".

The categories of residents 18+ who can be vaccinated in Jakarta are:

• Residents with Jakarta ID cards

• Residents with ID cards from outside Jakarta, but domiciled in Jakarta (bring domicile information obtained from the RT officer, not necessarily from the RT head)

• Workers in Jakarta who have ID cards from outside Jakarta (bring information from the workplace)

Meanwhile, those who cannot be vaccinated are:

1. Illness or fever with a temperature> 37.5 C

2. Pregnant

3. Hypertension (tension >180/110mmHg) and remains high after examination

4. Severe heart disease and is in a state of shortness of breath

5. Severe allergies

6. Autoimmune

7. Receiving treatment for a blood clotting disorder

8. Receiving immunosuppressant treatment