Realizing Herd Immunity, City Encourages Residents Aged 18 Years and Over to Participate in COVID-19 Vaccination

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In order to optimize COVID-19 handling in Jakarta, Jakarta Government accelerates COVID-19 vaccination and issues new policy for residents with Jakarta ID card (KTP)/domicile/work/study in Jakarta whose aged 18 years and over to get vaccination since June 9, 2021.

Let us take a part in vaccination to protect ourselves and people around us

Jakarta Health Agency's Disease Controlling and Prevention Division Head, Dwi Oktavia conveyed, Jakarta Government reminded residents aged 18 years and over to actively participate in COVID-19 vaccination to create herd immunity. Vaccination is not only proven to prevent COVID-19 transmission, but also prevent severe symptoms or death if exposed to COVID-19. "So, vaccination is very important. Let us take a part in vaccination to protect ourselves and people around us," she stated at Jakarta City Hall as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release, Friday (6/18).

Here are requirements for residents aged 18 years and over who want to take COVID-19 vaccination:

1. Have Jakarta ID card (KTP)

2. Domicile in Jakarta with evidence in form of domicile certificate from RT

3. Residents who work/study in Jakarta should bring study/employment certificate (can be used for non-Jakarta residents)

Meanwhile, Foreign Citizens (WNA) can also participate in vaccination with the following conditions:

1. Work as Teacher

2. Lecturer

3. Educational/supporting personnel who work in schools and universities, both formal and non-formal

4. Senior aged 60 years and over

5. Living in vulnerable RT/RW, namely:

A. 445 RWs as mentioned at Pergub No. 9/2018

B. 21 villages as mentioned at Kepgub No. 878/2018

C. RW with potential for spreading viral mutations

D. RTs categorized as red and orange zones during Micro PPKM which released weekly on website

E. Foreigners with criteria above should have SKKT (certificate of residence) or ID card for foreigners. Information about SKKT or ID card for foreigners can be seen at

Moreover, Jakarta Government also provides vaccination registration feature at JAKI (Jakarta Kini) app and Jakarta Tanggap COVID-19 official website ( Besides, residents who want to take vaccination can also register through local RT/RW administrators and vaccination center.

"Vaccination is scheduled via JAKI and this website to make it easier for people who want to be vaccinated and get certainty about time and location of vaccination. Of course, it is a safer way, considering residents must reduce their mobility during pandemic," said Smart City BLUD Chairperson, Yudhistira Nugraha.

Residents who have downloaded JAKI app through Google Play Store or Apple Store on their smartphone can register for vaccination by following these steps:

1. Open JAKI app

2. Choose "Jakarta Tanggap Covid-19", then "Vaksinasi COVID-19", or click banner written "Cek Jadwal dan Daftar Vaksinasi COVID-19"

3. Enter your NIK and full namely

4. If you haven't registered yet, please register first by clicking "Daftar Vaksinasi COVID-19"

5.Fill in your personal data. Select vaccination category, choose vaccination schedule. Then click "Selanjutnya"

6. Review your registration form and check the statement. Then submit it by clicking "Kirim"

7. Click "Selesai"

After registering for vaccination through JAKI app, residents will receive COVID-19 vaccination schedule and they will be directed to conduct independent pre-screening which contains several questions regarding health condition of prospective vaccine recipients to find out whether they are safe to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or not.

Feature to check vaccination schedule status and register for vaccination can be also done through website It is not only making it easier for residents to register for vaccination, but Jakarta Tanggap COVID-19 website can be also used to access latest information related to COVID-19 in Jakarta. Starting from data on availability of referral beds to data related to social assistance distribution.

He expected those two digital platforms owned by Jakarta Government can facilitate residents, not only to access current vaccination program, but also other programs that can support lives of Jakarta residents.

"We will continue to develop JAKI app and Jakarta Tanggap COVID-19 website thus these platforms can provide various features to facilitate Jakarta residents," he closed.

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