50 RPTRAs Throughout Central Jakarta Used as Mass Vaccination Sites

Sabtu, 12 Juni 2021 23:10 Folmer 94

(Foto: Folmer - Beritajakarta.id)

Total 50 Child-Friendly Integrated Public Spaces (RPTRAs) in 8 sub-districts throughout Central Jakarta are ready to be used as COVID-19 vaccination sites for residents aged 18 years and over.

All rooms in 50 RPTRAs throughout Central Jakarta are used by COVID-19 Task Force

Central Jakarta Empowerment, Children Protection, and Population Control (PPAPP) Agency's Empowerment Section Head, Bangun Manalu mentioned, RPTRA is used as one of the locations for COVID-19 vaccination according to Gubernatorial Regulation (Pergub) No. 123/2017 and Circular of PPAPP Agency Head No. 131/2021.

"According to Pergub's mandate, RPTRA can be used as a place for disaster management. Furthermore, Jakarta PPAPP Agency Head has issued letter allowing RPTRA to be used as mass vaccination site," he conveyed, Saturday (6/12).

According to him, RPTRAs were appointed as vaccination sites to speed up COVID-19 vaccination program for residents in 8 sub-districts.

"All rooms in 50 RPTRAs throughout Central Jakarta are used by COVID-19 Task Force team to carry out vaccination for residents," he asserted.

His side ensures health protocol are implemented well in RPTRA which used as mass vaccination sites.

"Procedures are strictly implemented, by carrying out disinfectant spraying before and after activity, measuring residents' body temperature before entering, washing hands in sink provided, wearing mask, and maintaining safe distance to avoid crowds in RPTRA area," he stated.

He added that several facilities in Central Jakarta had also been opened for residents, including jogging track and reflexology park with strict health protocol.

"Other facilities in RPTRAs, such as children playground, library, and prayer rooms cannot be used for public," he said.