112 Thousand Islands Residents Take a Part in Baca Jakarta Movement

Sabtu, 12 Juni 2021 23:08 Suparni Maria Inggita 384

(Foto: Istimewa - Beritajakarta.id)

Jakarta Government returned to hold Baca Jakarta Movement. Enthusiasm for participating this program also came from Thousand Islands residents, where 112 people had registered for this program as of Friday (6/11) at 10:00.

Registration can be done through website bacajakarta.jakarta.go.id

Thousand Islands Regency Technical Work Unit 1 Head, Ade Slamet mentioned, this year's Baca Jakarta Movement would be held from June 14 to July 13.

"Registration can be done through website bacajakarta.jakarta.go.id," he informed, Saturday (6/12).

Participants who took a part in this activity would later read books according to specified time and do assignments according to the booklet provided.

"For reading materials, participants can use their personal book collection or digital books or online by downloading applications via iJakarta, iPusnas, Lets Read or other digital book applications," he explained.

According to him, Jakarta Library and Archive Agency has prepared prizes for participants who take a part in this activity.

"All participants who successfully complete the reading challenge for 30 days and do assignments according to booklet will be also given e-Certificate," he stated.