PPAPP Collaborates to Hold Anti-Stunting Family Webinar

Kamis, 10 Juni 2021 19:08 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing Maria Inggita 201

(Foto: Istimewa - Beritajakarta.id)

Jakarta Empowerment, Child Protection, and Population Control (PPAPP) Agency collaborated with Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB), Indonesian Christian University (UKI), Pancasila University, and Karya Husada Polytechnic to hold webinar with theme 'Berencana Itu Keren, Keluarga Keren Anti-stunting'.

Family plays an important role in preventing stunting in every phase of life

There were 1,700 participants attended in this webinar which broadcast via Zoom and Youtube, consisting of TP PKK and Dasa Wisma cadres, PAUD teachers, Poktan cadres, PPKBD, RPTRA administrators, and academic community.

Jakarta TP PKK Family Character Development Division Head, Ellisa Sumarlin said, family has crucial role in preventing and handling stunting. Therefore, efforts to empower family are needed.

"Family plays an important role in preventing stunting in every phase of life, starting from fetus in womb, babies, toddlers, teenagers, marriage, pregnancy, and so on," she conveyed, Thursday (6/10).

She assessed, it is important to prevent stunting in golden period, which is the first 1,000 days of life, period of child in the womb until the child is two years old.

It is a critical period of how the child can grow and develop into healthy, intelligent, and optimal child in the future," she explained.

According to her, it is very important for pregnant women to get the best nutrition while the child is in the womb. Pregnant women also need to do regular check-ups. Furthermore, exclusive breastfeeding is important for newborns up to six month to provide optimal nutrition.

Good exclusive breastfeeding will reduce potential of stunting, continued after six months the child begins to be given nutritious food through Complementary Food program or MPASI.

"In giving MPASI, families need to pay attention to providing nutritious foods for their children since it can support children's optimal growth and development," she added.

Families are also required to have good knowledge and awareness in getting and providing quality nutrition for children.

Not only good parenting, but it also needs good psycho-social stimulation, including simulation performed by parents on infants and children.

"Good hygiene and sanitation are also important factors in supporting optimal growth and development in children. Let's improve our families' knowledge and insights thus every family in Jakarta is family that tries to prevent stunting from an early age," she asserted.

Meanwhile, Jakarta PPAPP Agency Head, Tuty Kusumawati mentioned, this webinar was held as a series of BaGiMu Program as well as to commemorate 28th National Family Day and Jakarta's 494th Anniversary.

"We will continue to collaborate in building and fostering families in Jakarta thus we can realize Jakarta to be Advanced City with Happy Citizens," she closed.