150 Residents Vaccinated at RW 04 Ciracas Secretariat Office

Rabu, 09 Juni 2021 20:03 Nurito 180

(Foto: Nurito - Beritajakarta.id)

As many as 150 residents aged 18 years old and over to the elderly enjoy the jemput bola system (officers to take the initiative to visit residents) to get free vaccination at the RW 04 Secretariat Office, Ciracas Sub-district, East Jakarta, on Wednesday (6/9).

The participant's interest is quite high today

It can be realized after collaborating with the Ciracas Sub-district with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through PT Frisian Flag Indonesia and East Jakarta Metro Resort Police and its ranks.

Ciracas Sub-district Head, Mamad said that it was done to facilitate people to get vaccinated thus more people receive the vaccine.

"The participant's interest is quite high today," he said.

It would be held for a week, from Monday (6/7) to Sunday (6/13). If the number of health workers was still lacking, it would be added from the Ciracas Sub-district Puskesmas.

RW 04 Ciracas Chairman, Supriyadi added the target was actually about 1,000 people.

"And 150 people every day," he stated.