East Jakarta Mayor Monitors PPDB Implementation at SMKN 26

Selasa, 08 Juni 2021 15:50 Nurito 83

(Foto: Nurito - Beritajakarta.id)

East Jakarta Mayor, Muhammad Anwar, monitored new student admission (PPDB) implementation at SMKN 26, Rawamangun, Pulogadung, Tuesday (6/8). This school will accommodate 483 students divided into 6 vocational classes.

Personnel from Education Sub-agency and Dukcapil Sub-agencies will be on standby to give assistance

So far, he mentioned, online PPDB implementation in East Jakarta has been running well according to health protocol and no obstacles in its implementation. Besides, Population and Civil Registration (Dukcapil) Sub-agency also provided assistance for residents who have difficulties in population administration during registration.

"Personnel from Education Sub-agency and Dukcapil Sub-agencies will be on standby to give assistance because not all people are digitally literate," he added.

According to him, assistance is given to residents who register their children offline. In order to speed up process of inputting prospective students data, committee has also prepared laptops.

East Jakarta Education Sub-agency Region I Head, Linda Romauli Siregar explained, achievement track is scheduled from this Monday (8/6) to Friday (6/11). Before registering, all prospective students are required to make account for PPDB.  

"Because PPDB is held online, prospective students and parents are advised not to come to school, but to register online from their homes. Unless there are difficulties in entering data when registering, they can come to school to ask for help," she said.

SMKN 26 Principal, Purwosusilo conveyed, PPDB registration is open from June 7 to July 7. Anticipating queue, his side has prepared seven registration counters for people who register via offline.

"Especially for residents who come to school to register their children, we have prepared seven registration counters to prevent long queue," he stated.