Mass Vaccination Held at RT 11/09 Kayu Putih

Senin, 07 Juni 2021 00:33 Nurito 196

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Hundreds residents of RT 11/09 Kayu Putih, Pulogadung, participated in mass vaccination held by East Jakarta Metro Police at Smart Park, on Jl. Gereja, on Monday (6/7).

This vaccination is held through collaboration with East Jakarta Government, Police, and Kodim

East Jakarta Metro Police Chief, Kombes Pol. Erwin Kurniawan stated, in this mass vaccination, his side targeted RT 11/09 residents aged 18 years and over because this region was categorized as red and orange zone.

Today, his side provided vaccines for 400 people. In addition, there was also PCR swab test held by Pulogadung Sub-district Health Center.

"Vaccination is given as one of our efforts to prevent COVID-19 transmission. We hope there will be no additional COVID-19 cases in Kayu Putih," he conveyed.

Kayu Putih Urban Village Head, Artika Ristiana mentioned, 14 of total 22 residents of RT 11/09 who confirmed positive for COVID-19 had been sent to Wisma Atlet. While 3 residents were referred to Jayakarta Hospital and the remaining 5 residents underwent self-isolation at home.

In order to anticipate COVID-19 transmission, her side together with three pillars held vaccination and PCR test.

"This vaccination is held through collaboration with East Jakarta Government, Police, and Kodim. Vaccination is given to residents who haven't been exposed to COVID-19 and whose PCR test results are negative," she explained.

Moreover, East Jakarta Gulkarmat Sub-agency also sprayed disinfectant on all roads and residents' houses to break the chain of COVID-19 transmission in the region.

According to Pulogadung Sub-district Gulkarmat Sector Team Commander, Muji Hartana, his side deployed one medium-sized fire truck and 6 personnel for this disinfectant spraying activity.

"We use one medium-sized fire truck to spray disinfectant on collector road. While sprayer or electric spray tank to disinfect residential area and Smart Park," he said.