Data Update for Poor and Vulnerable Families Begins Today

Senin, 07 Juni 2021 13:41 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing Nugroho Adibrata 428

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It had passed through socialization on May 27 to June 4 in each urban village thus people know the requirements, flow and other information

The Jakarta administration today has started improving data collection and updating the Integrated Data for Social Welfare (DTKS) on a database of poor and vulnerable families (DT FMOTM). It would take until June 25.

Jakarta Social Agency (Dinsos) Head, Premi Lasari disclosed that it is in accordance with Regional Secretary's Instruction number 54/2021 on Optimizing the Implementation of Data Collection and Updating of Data for the Poor and Vulnerable Families.

"It had passed through socialization on May 27 to June 4 in each urban village thus people know the requirements, flow and other information," he expressed, Monday (6/7).

She explained it is done online or via If residents had problems when registering online, they could come to the urban village office according to their domicile on working days and hours.

She then detailed this criterion is not intended for one member of the household who is a permanent employee of BUMN/PNS/army/police/DPR/DPRD members, owns a car, owns land/land and buildings (with NJOP above Rp 1 billion), water sources the main water used for drinking is branded bottled water (not including refilled water), and is deemed not poor by the local community.

"This DTKS will later be used as the basis for providing assistance programs in Jakarta, such as Jakarta Elderly Card (KLJ), Jakarta Disability Card (KPDJ), Jakarta Child Card (KAJ), Jakarta Smart Card Plus (KJP Plus), Jakarta Outstanding Student Card (KJMU), Family Hope Program (PKH), Non-cash Food Assistance Program (BPNT), and other assistance programs," he stated.

As for the information, the Population and Civil Registration Agency (Dukcapil) and Regional Earnings Board (Bapenda) would carry out data matching on the first and second weeks of July 2021; Urban Village Deliberation on the third week of July 2021; and determination of the list of fixed targets for City/District Administration on the fourth week of July 2021.

Then input the Fixed Target List into the Next Generation Social Welfare Information System (SIKS-NG) application on the first Sunday of August 202); Verification and Validation on the second week of August 2021; Determination by the Social Ministry (following the schedule of the Social Ministry).

Jakarta residents may read the information on the DT FMOTM registration flow and check, whether they are registered or not in DTKS via or call center 021-22684824.