KPKP Agency Launches Urban Farming Academy

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The Jakarta Maritime, Agriculture and Food Security (KPKP) Agency has launched the Urban Farming Academy. Urban Farming Academy is a forum for people who want to learn about urban farming.

There are 15 participants who joined the Urban Farming Academy in the first batch

Jakarta KPKP Acting Head, Suharini Eliawati said the learning materials or modules were adjusted to the community's request or based on the program that had been determined by the agency.

"There are 15 participants who joined the Urban Farming Academy in the first batch," she expressed, Friday (6/4).

She explained, based on the data obtained, as many as 98 percent of Jakarta people would carry out agricultural activities, despite the pandemic was over. It was a challenge as 85 percent of them said they had never done agricultural activities.

"It's a shame that those skills are just trial and error, that's why the academic was formed," she explained.

According to her, the participants would be trained, fostered and assisted in the implementation of comprehensive urban farming. The material provided was also not limited to agricultural cultivation, but also included animal husbandry and fisheries.

"The target of mentoring is usually up to three harvests until they are finally independent. We also provide assistance on how to make correct and good processed products. We accompany them until we get a distribution permit certificate and teach them marketing," he furthered.

Agriculture Division Head, Mujiati added that 15 participants in the first batch were soon trained in the cultivation of kale and spinach. As planned, it was scheduled regularly every Friday.

"They learn how to plant and will also be given free seeds one person or two apart from the materials used for planting. We provide the land and the media for the direct practical learning process in the field," she uttered.

She added it could also be done directly on land that was already available in the community. "If you don't have land, you can go to the agency building, but if there are people who apply for land and they want to be taught directly at the location, we will go there," she added.

"We're going to open online registration for the next batch. Hopefully the public's interest will increase," he hoped.