1,536 Vegetable Seeds Planted in East Jakarta Mayor Office Farm

Jumat, 04 Juni 2021 13:24 Nurito 177

(Foto: Nurito - Beritajakarta.id)

As many as 1,536 vegetable seeds, consisting of red spinach, green mustard, and aloe vera were planted in East Jakarta Mayor Office Farm's Green House, on Friday (6/4). This activity was carried out as a part of Simultaneous Planting Activity Throughout Jakarta in welcoming World Environment Day and Urban Farming Academy Inauguration.

Today, we plant the seeds simultaneously and launch Urban Farming Academy

This planting activity was carried out by TP TPKK Chairperson, Diah Anwar, accompanied by East Jakarta Maritime Agriculture and Food Security (KPKP) Sub-agency Head, Yuli Absari; Economic Division Head, Yeni Asnita; and several East Jakarta TP PKK cadres.

After planting the seeds in Green House, Diah Anwar and her subordinates also planted 500 bok choy seeds on 300-meter urban farming land in Mayor Office.

The Mayor Farm land has 10x5 square meters wide which obtained through CSR assistance from Jakarta Baznas Bazis. On this land, there are 1,536 hydroponic planting holes with pipe media.

"Today, we plant the seeds simultaneously and launch Urban Farming Academy. Simultaneous Planting Activity in Eas Jakarta is mainly focused on Mayor Farm's Green House," she conveyed.

Urban farming program in East Jakarta, she explained, is not only carried out by TP PKK cadres, but also general public, especially during COVID-19 pandemic.

Apart from Mayor Office, this activity which held to celebrate World Environment Day in East Jakarta was also carried out in 50 other locations, such as in RPTRA Payung Tunas Teratai and BPP Ujung Menteng. Total land area used for farming in all locations reaches 3,994 square meters which involving about 500 participants.

"We hope ASN in East Jakarta will be motivated to learn how to grow plants, in order to create food security while making the environment greener and more beautiful," she mentioned.

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