Channel Normalization Carried Out in 2 RWs Kebon Kosong Urban Village

Kamis, 03 Juni 2021 22:51 Folmer 340

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Kemayoran Water Resources (SDA) Sub-agency personnel normalize water channel on RW 08 and 09 settlements, Kebon Kosong Urban Village, Central Jakarta.

This work has been carried out since the beginning of this week

Central Jakarta Assistant for Economy and Development (Asekbang), Bakwan Ferizan Ginting mentioned, channel normalization was conducted to follow up residents' request through Musrenbang.

"This work has been carried out since the beginning of this week. Personnel dredge the mud from channel to anticipate inundation when heavy rain falls," he explained, Thursday (6/3).

According to him, many channels in settlement area don't flow well due to siltation.

Kemayoran Sub-district SDA Task Force Unit Head, Supriyadi mentioned, previously his side had normalized channels on RW 01 and 07 settlements of Kebon Kosong Urban Village.

"This normalization involves 15 SDA personnel. We are optimistic that inundation in Kebon Kosong Urban Village will not occur again after cleaning all the channels," he said.