120 Sukapura Residents Injected with First Dose COVID-19 Vaccine

Kamis, 03 Juni 2021 23:17 Rezki Apriliya Iskandar Maria Inggita 210

(Foto: Rezki Apriliya Iskandar - Beritajakarta.id)

As many as 120 residents of RW 10, Sukapura Urban Village, Cilincing, North Jakarta have been injected with first COVID-19 vaccines. Vaccination was held in front of Al Ikhlas Musala, RT 06/10 and RW 10 Secretariat Post.

Don't be careless, don't be bored to comply with health protocol

Sukapura Urban Village Health Center (Puskesmas) Head, Lesti Harni stated, RW 10 is one of three densely populated RWs in Sukapura Urban Villages that is prioritized to get COVID-19 vaccination. The other two densely populated RWs are RW 01 and 02.

"Vaccination is given for residents aged 18-59 years. Before vaccination, we carry out health screening first. Second dose vaccine will be given about 12 weeks or three months after first dose is injected," she mentioned, Thursday (6/3).

His side had encountered obstacles, such as several residents who were afraid to get vaccination because affected by hoax about COVID-19 vaccination.

"Some residents are still afraid to be vaccinated because of hoax on social media. We also approach them through door-to-door method. We persuade them thus they want to be vaccinated and provide clear information about COVID-19 so they understand," she explained.

She hopes COVID-19 vaccination can prevent COVID-19 transmission, especially in Sukapura Urban Village.

"Don't be careless, don't be bored to comply with health protocol. Even though you have been vaccinated against COVID-19, health protocol must still be implemented," she asserted.

Meanwhile, Sukapura Urban Village's Governance Section Head, Aries Purnomo said, his side cooperated with related parties, such as RT/RW administrators, Dasawisma cadres, Sukapura Health Center, and others to socialize residents about COVID-19 vaccination to densely populated RWs in Sukapura Urban Village, including in RW 10.

"Vaccination is carried out using door-to-door method, where we directly visit the resident thus it is easier to approach the vaccination target. Using this method, people don't have to come all the way to health center because they can get vaccination in their neighborhood area," he said.

COVID-19 vaccination at RW 10 Sukapura Urban Village has also received positive response from local RT administrator.

"For the sake of public health, we welcome COVID-19 vaccination. It is very useful to prevent COVID-19 transmission in our neighborhood," said Wakino, Head of RT 06/10.