Food Assistance Received by Bambu Apus Residents who Exposed to COVID-19

Rabu, 02 Juni 2021 20:11 Nurito Maria Inggita 181

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Residents of RT 08 and 14, RW 03 Bambu Apus Urban Village, Cipayung, East Jakarta who were confirmed positive for COVID-19 and currently undergoing self-isolation at home received food assistance from Jakarta Social Agency, on Wednesday (6/2).

This assistance will be handed over to public kitchen as ingredients to make foods

Bambu Apus Urban Village Head, Dodo Supendi said, his side took staple food assistance consisting of rice, cooking oil, sardines, and instant noodles from Social Agency and handed it over to RT administrators to be cooked and distributed to residents who undergoing self-isolation at home.

"This assistance will be handed over to public kitchen as ingredients to make foods. Later on  it will be distributed to residents who are undergoing self-isolation," he explained.

His side instructed dasawisma, TP PKK, and Jumantik cadres to cook at public kitchen.

RT 08 RW 03 Bambu Apus Head, Mahyudin added, public kitchen activity in his house is operated for 14 days. Previously, residents independently provided food assistance for residents who were exposed to COVID-19.

"We are ready to operate public kitchen for residents who are exposed to COVID-19 thus during self-isolation they don't leave their homes to prevent COVID-19 transmission," he stated.

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