In May, East Jakarta Gulkarmat Carries Out Fire Socialization in 1,131 Locations

Rabu, 02 Juni 2021 19:49 Nurito 304

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Throughout May 2021, East Jakarta Fire Handling and Rescue (Gulkarmat) Sub-agency carried out fire handling and prevention socialization in 1,131 locations. In this activity, Gulkarmat personnel also socialized people about health protocol to prevent COVID-19.

Socialization is carried out using door-to-door method to avoid crowd

East Jakarta Gulkarmat Sub-agency Head, Muchtar Zakaria stated, fire socialization was held using door-to-door method, where his personnel went around the village using operational cars and motorbikes and disseminated the information using loudspeaker.

"Socialization is carried out using door-to-door method to avoid crowd. In May, we have socialized it in 1,131 locations throughout 10 sub-districts," he informed, Wednesday (6/2).

East Jakarta Gulkarmat Sub-agency Prevention Section head, Edi Parwoko conveyed, socialization was carried out at 9 AM and 16:00-17:00 PM. His side disseminated information about fire handling and prevention during the pandemic, as well as health protocol in preventing COVID-19 spread.

"Our officers also attach stickers or pamphlets to encourage people to remain vigilant of fire, as well as to always comply with health protocol to prevent COVID-19 spread," he said.

From total 1,131 locations, 362 locations are worship places, 760 collector roads, 9 educational places or institutions. He deployed 1,036 personnel with 135 operational cars and 431 motorcycles.

Socialization was carried out in collector roads in Bulak Raya RT 01/015 Klender Urban Village, Duren Sawit, Jl. Usman Harun RT 02/05 Kebon Pala, Makasar, Jl. Generasi Kelurahan Tengah, Kramat Jati.

Al Kautsar Prayer Room (Musala) on Jl. Dewi Sartika RW 04 Cawang Urban Village, Al Hidayah Mosque on Jl. Kiyai Kotong RW 08 Cawang, Kramat Jati, PAUD Baitul Muslimin Pondok Ranggon Urban Village, Posyandu RT 01/05 Pondok Ranggon, MTSN 29 Pondok Ranggon, Cipayung, and other locations.