110,740 New Students Receive Admission Fee

Senin, 31 Mei 2021 14:40 Nurito 119

(Foto: Nurito - Beritajakarta.id)

The Jakarta administration has set aside admission fee aid amounting to Rp 156 billion to 110,740 new students for the 2020 academic year who are studying in private schools, ranging from SD/MI to SMA/SMK/MA levels. The aid distribution is targeted for completion this week.

This program is the first time we set

Center for Education Operational and Personal Funding Services (P4OP) Technical Management Unit (UPT) Head, Waluyo said it was done, because of the limited capacity of public schools in Jakarta.

"This program is the first time we set," he said, Monday (5/31).

According to him, the amount of social aid for this admission fee was varied, depending on the level of education and the amount of admission fee for each of the targeted schools. He detailed Rp 1 million was for SD/MI, Rp 1.5 million was for SMP/MTS and RP 2.5 million was for SMA/SMK/MA.

He explained that the recipient of the admission fee was required to make a savings book and an ATM. Money could not be withdrawn in cash because the account was locked when the money was transferred. Afterwards, the money would be transferred to the school account as admission fees for the students.

As for North and Central Jakarta, the distribution and preparation of the Bank DKI ATM plus account book had been conducted two weeks ago. While for East and West Jakarta, it had been done yesterday. Then for South Jakarta, its distribution was scheduled on June 4.

"For July, data collection has not been carried out yet, as the admission of students is just about to begin. If the students are recorded already, data collection will be started plus socialization to the parents about program of admission fee aid," he furthered.

As for the information, it has been based on Gubernatorial Regulation number 114/2020 on the Provision of Social Aid for School Tuition Fees for New Students in Private Schools/Madrasahs. Then Jakarta Governor Decree number 1268/2020 on Recipients and Amount of Social Aid for School Tuition Fees for New Students in Private Schools/Madrasahs. Aside that, Jakarta Education Agency Head Decree number 1250/2020 on Technical Guidelines for Providing School Education Tuition Fee Aid for New Students in Private Schools/Madrasahs.