Vegetables Grown Using Urban Farming Method at Ciputra Hotel are Harvested

Kamis, 27 Mei 2021 20:40 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing 153

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Jakarta Maritime, Agriculture, and Food Security (KPKP) Agency together with management of Ciputra Hotel Jakarta harvested vegetables as the result of urban farming development using hydroponic method, on Thursday (5/27).

Amazingly, these vegetables also used for the hotel itself

On this occasion, there were 2 kilograms spinach, half a kilogram mint leaves, and half a kilogram romaine lettuce which harvested today.

Jakarta Provincial Secretariat Assistant for Economy, Sri Haryati appreciated and welcomed the hotel's initiative in implementing urban farming in overcoming the limited space.

Hotel management with its initiative and creativity managed to utilize the available limited space to grow vegetables. According to her, urban farming activity at Ciputra Hotel Jakarta can be a role model for other hotels in Jakarta.

"Today, we and KPKP Agency harvest and review Ciputra Hotel's efforts in developing urban farming in hotels. We really appreciate their initiative, which is in line with 'Jakarta, City of Collaboration' theme. Amazingly, these vegetables also used for the hotel itself, so they can monitor and maintain the quality," she conveyed.

Meanwhile. Ciputra Hotel Jakarta Communications and Executive Office Manager, Elizabeth stated, urban farming implementation, especially for hydroponic method in hotel, was not only support aesthetics of building, but also used as complement for food and beverage, such as romaine lettuce, Chinese kale, bok choy, basil, mint, green spinach, and red spinach which planted in the location.

"It looks not only nice and aesthetic, but it also reduces our cost for F&B. We always use it for infused water, salad, and garnish in breakfast. We can also monitor the quality and how it is treated, use good seeds, and don't use pesticides," she explained.

She emphasized that Ciputra Hotel Jakarta is ready to collaborate with Jakarta KPKP Agency to give training and assistance about urban farming to hotel employees. Moreover, hotel management plans to add new space for urban farming.

"We want to add a space for urban farming, maybe there are new Instagrammable spots. Thus people can view hydroponic, but we are still seeing its potential. We will collaborate with KPKP Agency to receive inputs and training or assistance because hydroponic needs special treatment," she mentioned.