Thousand Islands Monitors Health Protocol Implementation in Tourism Activities

Rabu, 19 Mei 2021 12:19 Suparni 117

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Thousand Islands Regency together with related agencies continued to monitor health protocol implementation in order to prevent COVID-19 transmission in tourism activities.

Tourists are also required to bring COVID-19-free certificate

Strict monitoring is carried out by limiting visitors at departure pier and tourism sites, recreational parks and water-based tourism in Thousand Islands during the Extension of Micro-Scale Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM Mikro) period.

Thousand Islands Regent, Junaedi conveyed, restrictions on tourists were also regulated in Jakarta Parekraf Agency Head Decree No. 345/2021 concerning Tourist/Recreational Sites Operation on Eid al-Fitr 1442 Hijri/2021, where visitors are limited up to 30 percent of maximum capacity.

"Tourists are also required to bring COVID-19-free certificate. For those who don't meet the requirements are not allowed to go to Thousand Islands. If there is a crowd, we will immediately take a firm action," he asserted, Wednesday (5/19).

South Thousand Islands Sub-district Head, Angga Saputra admitted that he is ready to implement government's policies that have been established thus tourism activities can be carried out safely and comfortably.

"Thank you to all relevant agencies. Pandemic is not over yet, so we must work together to protect Thousand Islands and maintain it in COVID-19 green zone area," he mentioned.

Tidung Island Urban Village Head, Hafsah stated, his side had taken firm action for tourists who were unable to show COVID-19-free certificate when they arrived at Tidung Island Main Pier.

"We ask them to return. So, we hope tourists can cooperate well by following the regulations for everyone's safety and comfort," he said.