East Jakarta Mayor Inagurates Child-Friendly Schools at SMKN 24 Bambu Apus

Senin, 10 Mei 2021 22:01 Nurito 139

(Foto: Nurito - Beritajakarta.id)

East Jakarta Mayor, Muhammad Anwar together with Jakarta Education Agency Head, Nahdiana inaugurated and declared child-friendly schools in hall of SMKN 24 Bambu Apus, Cipayung, on Monday (5/10).

The current number of child-friendly schools in East Jakarta is more than 700 schools

This activity was attended by number of related officials, such as East Jakarta Region I Education Sub-Agency Head, Linda Romauli Siregar; East Jakarta Region II Education Sub-Agency Head, Putoyo; Cipayung Sub-district Head, Fajar Eko Satrio; East Jakarta TP PKK Head, Diah Anwar; and others.

After the declaration, Anwar added, Jakarta Education Agency will form a task force to carry out surveillance to find out whether child-friendly school program is running well or not and ensure there is no discrimination or violence against children.

"This way, the declaration can be really implemented properly in the field. Education Agency Head, through her task force, can conduct surveillance on the field," he mentioned.

According to him, the current number of child-friendly schools in East Jakarta is more than 700 schools, from elementary (SD), junior high (SMP), to senior high/vocational school (SMA/SMK) levels. His side hopes all schools in East Jakarta are child-friendly.

Jakarta Education Agency Head, Nahdiana stated, the learning process should focus on children, thus declaration of child-friendly school is in accordance with the learning process.

"Therefore, supervision from all parties is needed to ensure how education services that focus on children whether to run well or not," she asserted.

According to her, supervision should involve all parties because education problems can't be handled by one unit, but all parties. Including urban village and sub-district elements.

"We also hope that all schools can be child-friendly schools. Thus basic service needs of children can be met," she said.