74 Pinang Ranti PPSU Personnel Take Second Vaccination at Tamini Square

Selasa, 27 April 2021 19:43 Nurito 117

(Foto: Nurito - Beritajakarta.id)

Total 74 PPSU personnel of Pinang Ranti Urban Village, Makasar Sub-district, East Jakarta, took second COVID-19 vaccination on Ground Floor of Tamini Square, Tuesday (4/27).

Today, PPSU personnel get their second vaccines

Pinang Ranti Urban Village Head, Hari Indrianto stated, those 74 PPSU personnel had received their first vaccine at Makasar Sub-district Office on the end of March. According to him, PPSU personnel need to get vaccination because they are one of the front-line elements in providing community services related to environmental hygiene.

"Today, PPSU personnel get their second vaccines. They will receive it in turns to ensure cleanliness in the region can be maintained well. Besides, their working zone can be also maintained clean," he added.  

The second vaccination was held and prepared by Tamini Square management. Starting from tables, chairs, dividing curtains, and internet network. There were 20 health workers from sub-district and urban village health centers involved in this vaccination.

Meanwhile, Pinang Ranti Urban Village Satpol PP Head, Erwin mentioned, his side also deployed 15 joint personnel from Satpol PP, TNI AU, and Tamini Square internal security officers to be on standby in this activity.

"We are helping to secure the area thus vaccination service can run well. Moreover, there are still many elderly residents who take vaccines in here," he said.